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PAMA Energy Study – 50-city study showing awnings significantly reduce cooling costs in U.S.

Data analysis shows that in a hot year, awnings can reduce annual cooling energy by more than 25%, compared to homes with completely unshaded windows. This can amount to as much $200 or more in energy savings. The complete report is now available.

View Final Summary & Individual Data Reports for all 50 cities.

Window awnings reduce solar heat gain by 65% to 77%. – Get energy saving tips from the U.S. Government. U.S. Department of Energy, Consumer’s Guide to Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.

Calculate how much you might save by adding awnings to your home.

Home Energy Saver – a web-based do-it-yourself energy audit tool developed by the Environmental Energy Technologies Division at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.
– Enter “Exterior Sunscreens” for fabric awnings in the Doors and Windows Section.

PAMA Energy Study – Southern Sunbelt U.S.

PAMA Energy Study West Northwest U.S

PAMA Energy Study Central North Central U.S.

PAMA Evergy Study East Northeast U.S.